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WhisperStep Underlayment

Stepco WhisperStep Underlayment The importance of sound control is more evident today than ever with the dramatic increase in volume of floated flooring being installed worldwide. Consumers are learning that acoustic values are just as important as cost and quality for their new floor in both residential and business environments. Sound control is actually mandated by most high-rises to keep the noise quiet for the resident underneath, but why not use an underlayment that is also waterproof and provides acoustic properties that help quiet the noise from the impact of walking on the floor. A new floor should sound as quiet as possible not only for the downstairs neighbor, if any, but also for those enjoying the floor. WhisperStep acoustic pad delivers the highest independently tested sound ratings available today with closed cell waterproof technology which keeps the floor not only sounding quiet and dry, but looking new for years.

Sound proofing a new floor as much as possible is as important as the aesthetics and durability of the floor. Studies indicate that as many as 7 out of 10 floor buyers that purchase a floating floor without an acoustic pad are unhappy with the sound of their new floor and would have preferred to spend 10 to 14% more for some type of sound proofing. WhisperStep underlayment has been independently tested and results have shown that WhisperStep has more sound damping characteristics than our competitors, with a astonishing 65% Sound Insulation Score.

Highest Sound Ratings Available: WhisperStep has been tested by the NGC, an independent testing laboratories. They couldn't believe that such a thin pad has such high ratings. A thicker pad means nothing. Results are the only significant factor; you can't see the pad anymore after it's installed, and will never again be able to say "See, look how thick it is." Beware… thicker pads can create more movement, meaning less stability and the sensation of walking on an unstable floor as well as cause the loss of joint integrity in the floating floor.

Moisture Proof: Closed cell construction; moisture can not penetrate WhisperStep pad. Just make sure the seams are taped with a continuous run of either a polyethylene tape.

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